August 15, 2019
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5 Easy Act Vocabulary Exercises and Vocab-Building Zoolingo Games

As a parent, it’s your task to encourage your child’s love of learning and to help them if the going gets tough. You will be a teacher that shapes them for the rest of their life. Not just in teaching them the basics of nearly everything, but your work starts through act vocabulary. Kindergarten and primary school teachers will shoulder some of that burden later on but, in those formative early years, it’s all you.

Love of learning starts at an early age, and learning new words may very well be the fuse that sets the whole thing off. Words are the building blocks of communication. When you think about it, they are the precursor to understanding, empathy, and, in a way, to the civilization we know and live in today.

Yes, it’s scary, but if your child is struggling, there are a lot of act vocabulary exercises that you can use to help them. Zoolingo’s word games for kids are used by thousands of parents and educators for that purpose, but before we dive into them, there are other, everyday, things that you can do to help your child build up their vocabulary.

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1. Talk to your child as much as possible 

One of the best vocabulary building exercises for children is simply talking to them continuously. Slightly older children can tell you about their day – what they did while you were at work, or while they were at the kindergarten, with grandparents, or siblings. With babies and toddlers, this will feel more like talking at them, but that’s ok, too – they absorb a lot at that age, and the more you talk, the more they learn.

2. Use grown-up words when possible

Baby talk is a trap that many parents fall into and can’t get out of even when their children are no longer amused by it. One of the consequences of it is that we tend to ‘dumb down’ our conversations with kids, seriously limiting their exposure to unknown words. Fix that by talking to your child as you would to an adult, and explaining the words that they need help with.

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3. Tell stories and encourage your child to do the same 

Instead of reading stories, sit down with your kid and make one up. Ask them to participate in the exercise and to fill in the blanks in your narrative. After a while, encourage them to tell you a story. Once they are comfortable, ask questions that will introduce a new word. For example, if they say that a bear was white, you can ask them if they think it was a polar bear. After a while, this will become a great vocabulary game for your kid, and they will start reaching for new words and asking you to help them to articulate their expanding ideas.

4. Act vocabulary words through word games 

Set an evening in the week aside to play Scrabble, Boggle, or Hangman – your child will probably make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t learn and have fun. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for your family to spend some quality time together.

5. Correct their mistakes (with tact)

Kids shouldn’t feel that learning new words is hard work. Their progress is mostly your concern, not theirs. That’s why you have to patiently correct them when they use a word in the wrong context. Make sure to let a few of those mistakes slide, however frustrated you get, otherwise, you will start frustrating them and that will affect their willingness to participate and learn.


Zoolingo Act Vocabulary Games for Children

3 5 Easy Act Vocabulary Exercises and Vocab-Building Zoolingo Games Parenting

Luckily, you don’t have to depend exclusively on your vocabulary prowess to teach your kid new words. Our app, Zoolingo, can provide hours of educational fun, teaching your child new words every day, as well as helping with their hand-eye coordination, cognitive, and reasoning abilities.


1. It all starts with the alphabet 

If words are the building blocks of communication, then letters are the building blocks of words. Zoolingo has three different alphabet games for each letter that will help your child master their ABCs without boring them. These games are also available in 12 different languages, and are a great starting point if you are teaching your child a second language (read more about that here).

2. With toddlers, start with nursery rhymes 

We keep emphasizing nursery rhymes in all our posts because they are truly an underutilized educational tool. Five Little Monkeys, Old McDonald, and Itsy Bitsy Spider hide a wealth of new and unfamiliar words for toddlers but are also so incredibly fun to sing along to.

4- 5 Easy Act Vocabulary Exercises and Vocab-Building Zoolingo Games Parenting

3. Pick a word category and master it 

There’s a category in Zoolingo devoted exclusively to vocabulary building. Kids can choose between weather, emotions, positions in space, days of the week, and more. And they can practice every word until they master it. You can also give rewards if they can use every word they learn in a sentence by the end of the day (or the week).

4. Learn animal names with puzzles 

With eight different animals puzzles in Zoolingo, your child is guaranteed hundreds of hours of fun. These puzzles are also a great vocabulary building exercise for children. Especially because they feature a big collection of different types of animals.

Success Is All About Consistency And Patience

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Kids’ vocabulary building games can become a bit tiresome, for you and for your child. You will probably find yourself repeating certain meanings and words a lot of times before you see any progress. That’s normal, and you shouldn’t get frustrated by it.

Children learn at their own time. And you shouldn’t compare the success rate of your child to their friends or the neighbor’s kids. It really isn’t a contest.

Work with your child consistently and patiently, but don’t turn the process into a struggle with negative associations. That will further exasperate your kid. UA Dean of Education, Dr. Ronald Marx, recently said,

“Exposure to books, exposure to language, explanations for things, all give kids opportunities for language growth and success at reading.”

Just work the steps, and with a bit of help from Zoolingo, success is imminent!


Download Zoolingo

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