Toddler Learning: Kids Song


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Zoolingo: A Kids Song App That’s Fun For The Whole Family

The first step we take as parents in teaching our children how to speak is through songs! With Zoolingo’s kids song list of amazing nursery rhymes, you don’t have to download a different app! Get your child to play educational games while learning with popular nursery rhymes and more!

●Easy for toddlers to access and play alone
●Great way to enrich vocabulary and learn new sounds
●Absolutely perfect for a baby-centric family singalong
●An excellent tool for those first English language lessons


Download Zoolingo

The best children’s learning app and top smart apps for kids and set your baby up for success. Make practicing numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors, and more a fun family activity. Here, you can enjoy exciting and learning quality time together!

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Welcome To The Fun World Of Nursery Rhymes!


Instead of downloading a standalone nursery rhyme app or straining yourself to remember every nursery rhyme song in a pinch, why not download Zoolingo? In addition to other educational games, you will get access to 10 different baby rhymes, complete with engaging graphics and animations.

Easily engage your child in a singalong with the best nursery rhymes app on the market and have everyone in the family join in on the fun. Nursery rhyme songs will tickle your child’s imagination and can provide countless hours of entertainment.

Baby rhymes are not only fun, they are beneficial to your child’s early development.


Benefits of Learning a Kids Song

Nursery rhymes boost early language skills. Teaching children the sounds they need to create their first words.

● Baby rhymes also promote creativity. Getting kids to imagine story scenarios. You can encourage them to act those scenarios out. In addition, you can even help them draw images. Or, you can help them create their own stories.

● A kids song builds up your child’s vocabulary. First, it helps them learn the names of animals (Old Macdonald). Secondly, it teaches them how to count (Five Little Monkeys). Thirdly, it also gives them as early start on science like astronomy (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

● Singing baby rhymes and playing along with them will improve your child’s fine motor skills and coordination. For example, hand motions with Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels Of The Bus. Dancing to a kids song helps them stay active and healthy.

● If you introduce your child to nursery rhymes early on, they might take to reading books more easily. They will associate reading with fun. And, they will have a developed sense for story structure, cause and effect, and other narrative elements.

● Use our app with a kids song list with a group of children. Then, encourage them to sing along. Doing this will help strengthen their sense of belonging. Furthermore, it helps them develop their social skills.