Coloring Apps for Toddler

Coloring Apps for Toddler

Zoolingo’s Coloring Games for Babies


  • ● Hours of fun for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers
  • ● A perfect way for babies to express and develop their creativity
  • ● An excellent exercise for hand and eye coordination
  • ● Teach your toddler colors the fun and easy way

A Great Number of Coloring Pages Available

For full immersion into the fun world of coloring games for kids, you have a choice between many custom-made images. These include various lovable animals and spacefaring robots!

You can easily switch between them, and even teach your toddler how to flick through until they find the one that their heart is set on coloring.

A Coloring App for Toddlers That’s Easy To Use

Zoolingo’s coloring app for toddlers is a fuss-free way to engage with your kid. You can use it together but it doesn’t take much for them to learn how to use it all by themselves:

  • ● They can switch between the images until they find the one they like.
  • ● After that, they can choose between 10 different colors on the left side of the screen with a single click and get busy coloring.
  • ● They can easily change the size of the tip (right side of the screen), completely fill outlined spaces with a single color, or use the eraser if they have trouble coloring within the lines.
  • ● Easily save your kid’s coloring game to the device and print it out to put on your fridge!

Coloring Apps for Toddler

Choose Between Many Images of Animals and Robots In This Coloring App for Kids


Zoolingo’s coloring apps for toddlers provide you with an easy way to entertain your child while spending some quality time with them. The benefits of using a kids coloring app to teach colors are numerous – you won’t have to invest in any offline materials – colors, paper, erasers, and similar; and, you won’t have to fill up the bathtub after an hour of playtime to wash the crayon off of them!

Coloring Apps for Toddler

Of course, that’s not all. Kids’ coloring games are not just convenient for parents – educators also use them to improve early development, especially in children that have developmental difficulties. Kids’ coloring apps can help with that in several ways:

  • ● They improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills – coloring within the lines is not the goal here, but your child will learn to do it nevertheless. The app will help them recognize boundaries and how to color within them, and it will aid with the development of those small hand and wrist muscles.
  • ● They promote self-expression and creativity – not every child is the next Picasso but, start yours early on, and they just might become one! Use this children’s coloring app to encourage your child to express themselves through coloring and help them develop their creativity as early as possible.
  • ● Coloring apps for toddlers also improve color recognition – most toddlers struggle with recognizing basic colors. Coloring games give you an opportunity to practice with them often, without it becoming a tedious, unwelcome activity.
  • ● Baby coloring games promote focus and concentration – getting a baby to settle down and concentrate can be difficult. Coloring apps for toddlers is perfect way of getting fidgety kids to settle down because they gives them something to focus on that’s fun and engaging and doesn’t feel like a chore.