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3-1 Coloring Apps for Kids

Zoolingo – Learning Colors for Toddlers Made More Fun!

With Zoolingo’s Coloring Apps and Printable Coloring Pages, introduce the world of colors to your children.

●Three different color games for kids: identify, match, and sort!
●11 basic colors to master through fun and learning. Then, learn them in different languages too!
●A great way of spending quality time with your child. Or, have quality alone time on your own.
●Comes with an upbeat background music so it keeps your toddler engaged and happy
●One of the top-rated coloring apps for kids that helps develop their cognitive abilities
●Zoolingo is available in 16 languages!  Learn colors in including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Norwegian, Mandarin, Indonesian, and many more!

3-2 Coloring Apps for Kids

Identifying Colors

● Teach your child to easily identify colors. Help them learn by matching them with objects within Zoolingo’s color app for toddlers.

● Every time they make a correct match, they will hear the name of the color.

● Learning colors for toddlers is now as easy as it can be. And  even in foreign languages too because there are 16 languages supported in this game.

Matching Colors

● Our second color teaching game for kids requires them to match objects of the same color with each other.

● The game consists of 8 objects on the screen (two of each color). Your child needs to match them to progress through levels, learning each color as they go along.

● When they get it right, they will hear the name of the color pronounced in a clear voice, which further reinforces their learning.

Sorting Colors

●Use this color game for toddlers to present your child with a sorting challenge.

●They will have to sort through the available colored objects, dragging them across the screen and placing them in the correct color box.

●Every time they get the color right, they will hear its name pronounced in the selected language.

3-3 Coloring Apps for Kids

Zoolingo: Coloring Apps for Kids In 16 Languages!

When do kids learn colors?

A lot of parents are concerned with this question, rightfully recognizing that learning to name colors is an important milestone in a child’s young life. The answer, however, is not simple – some children seem to master colors very early, while others struggle with it well into their preschool years.

A growing number of educators are now turning to color teaching games in order to expedite the learning process, especially in the case of children struggling with colors. Color teaching games (now available in Zoolingo’s colors app for toddlers) help those educators broach the subject of colors and their names through fun, getting increased engagement from kids who otherwise, wouldn’t be interested in learning.

You can do the same, teaching colors to your preschooler in an entertaining way that will ensure that they master them with as little difficulty as possible.

Our colors app for kids can help make that process entertaining:

Colors are important for early cognitive development. So, learning something new on a regular basis helps stimulate the brain. And, it creates new neural pathways.

Color apps help toddlers build up their vocabulary.

Learning a new color every day will expand your child’s vocabulary. And it lays a groundwork for teaching them numbers, the alphabet, and various shapes.

It’s the perfect introduction to a second language

Has your child has already mastered colors in your native language? Then, it’s time to introduce them to colors in other languages. Since color teaching games are mostly fun and engaging, they are perfect to introduce a toddler to the world of Spanish, French, or even Norwegian!



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The best children’s learning app and top smart apps for kids and set your baby up for success. Make practicing numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors, and more a fun family activity. Here, you can enjoy exciting and learning quality time together!

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