Kids Learning Games

Kids Learning Games

Zoolingo’s Kid’s Puzzle App – A Fun Way To Teach Your Toddler About Dozens of Animals


● A great variety of different animal puzzles available – from common farmyard animals and butterflies to jungle and underwater creatures – all beautifully illustrated
● Zoolingo’s puzzle app for toddlers is a great tool for teaching animal sounds and names
● Puzzle games for kids help with cognitive development – even special care educators use them when teaching children with developmental issues
● These puzzles can provide your child with hours of entertainment – fun that the whole family can join in on
● In addition to teaching animals, they are also great when it comes to reinforcing pattern recognition, teaching patience and helping with hand-eye coordination

Zoolingo’s puzzle app for preschoolers has several categories of images you and your baby can choose from. These include:

Sea Animals Puzzles – teach your child about the coastal animals, as well as those inhabiting ocean depths, such as octopuses, sharks, stingrays and dolphins.

Cute Animals Puzzles – the cutest animals in fun locations – monkeys, owls, and penguins having fun at a watermill.

Fun Animals Puzzles – an all-time favorite in our kids’ puzzle app – adorable animals, such as monkeys, elephants, and horses living it up on the greens.

Jungle Animals Puzzles – introduce your child to the king of the jungle – the lion – and his friends: giraffes, leopards, water buffalos, and crocodiles.

Farm Animals Puzzles – the best way to learn about domesticated barnyard animals. This puzzle for toddlers is a great introduction to horses, ducks, donkeys, and more.

Baby Animals Puzzles – is it a duckling? Or a chick? Or maybe even a puppy? Encourage your child to learn new words and play baby animals puzzles with them!

Butterfly Puzzles – before your child is old enough to try to (carefully) catch butterflies, they will need to know what they are. Teach them to recognize colors and shapes of butterflies in our most popular preschool puzzle app.

Cat Puzzles – encourage your toddler to learn more about these adorable little kittens, and hear them purring with content!

Kids Learning Games

Puzzle Apps for Kids Promote Problem-Solving and Help With Cognitive Development


Even educators agree! Giving your child a puzzle app specifically designed for children will help with their cognitive development, engaging parts of the brain that are responsible for fine motor skills, language, shape recognition, and problem-solving. That’s why they are often used as teaching aids with kids that have developmental problems.

Kids Learning Games

In addition to that, puzzle apps for toddlers are incredibly entertaining and can occupy your child for hours at a time. With Zoolingo, others can join in on the fun to – parents, siblings, and grandparents can all help with puzzle assembly, spending quality time with the youngest member of the family.

Here’s why kids’ puzzle apps are a great teaching tool:

They promote cognitive development – puzzle games are a fun way for kids to learn about shapes, colors, letters, and animals.

They also improve hand-eye coordination and shape recognition – give your child a preschool puzzle apps and watch their hand-eye coordination improve as they figure out how various shapes fit together through trial and error.

Puzzle apps for kids boost confidence and sense of accomplishment – after struggling with a particularly difficult puzzle, your child will be beaming with pride. It’s important for them to learn to value their victories early on so they could strive for them in the future.

They promote socialization – encourage your child to share their puzzle game app with others (siblings or grandparents). It will afford everyone an opportunity to spend more quality time together.