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With Zoolingo, you can help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning. Now, get Zoolingo today and gain access to amazing app features and the following:

-Get unlimited access to more than 1000 educational games for toddlers. Finally, you and your kids will enjoy fun games in one app!

-Learn the easiest way to teach children the basics. Then, teach your kids how to read, write, and speak with ease!

-Have multiple device playtime. Therefore, you can use Zoolingo on six different devices with just one subscription

-Play the games that are available in 16 languages. So, your child can learn different languages on their own.  And, you can too!

-You get the perfect tool for early education & cognitive development. Thus, leading to brain boosts that your child needs for school

-A smart app loved and used by educators around the world.

-Parent and professionally-approved app. In fact,  Zoolingo garnered over 3 million downloads.

-And an educational app that also makes teaching autistic kids more fun and easier.



Supercharge Your Child’s Early Development Stage for Free! (Additional Levels Available Through In-App Subscription)

Zoolingo has app features that makes teaching kids with autism and special needs easier!





My classroom kids love Zoolingo!

I started using this app about a year ago in an effort to provide uniform activities for 10+ preschoolers in my group. Until that time, it was chaos, with every child wanting to do something else and demanding full attention. Now, we can all focus on the lesson at hand and they generally don’t require so much hands-on attention. It’s been a great help to me and a lot of fun for the kids!

Tina, Preschool Teacher, Ireland

Zoolingo is a great time-saver for teachers

I used to lug around a backpack full of printouts for my kids, which all took hours to prepare. The moment my school invested in tablets, I petitioned to get a Zoolingo subscription. The team was very helpful (and generous) when handling our bulk order and the kids love the various learning games the app has to offer. It’s especially helpful when it comes to keeping kids with learning disabilities on track with their peers – they are more engaged, more attentive, and follow along with ease.

Thomas, Elementary School Teacher, Australia

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