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Zoolingo’s Alphabet Letters Learning App for Toddlers and Kindergarten


Zoolingo is more than just a gaming app. Here, your children will start learning about alphabet letters not just in their own language! With 16 different languages, give your children a start at learning foreign languages.


Why choose Zoolingo in teaching the alphabet to toddlers?


    • Easy Interface.The app features a very simple and easy interface. Your children can have full and easy access to learning their alphabet letters. Besides, your toddler can easily catch their few letters in the first week.
    • Fun Interaction. Our alphabet app helps your preschooler learn with fun letter games and shapes of letter activity.
    • Home Schooling Tricks. Our ABC app for kids will give you ideas and allow you to devise fun alphabet learning-games. You will learn to incorporate your daily routine to teach your tot the alphabet. Here are some fun ideas:
      • choose a letter of the day
      • make your child look for their favorite toys starting with a specific letter
      • you can list foods that begin with a specific letter -and so on
  • Independent Learning. Kids can learn independently or with your help (a great bonding opportunity)
  • Language Learning Development. Our ABCs are available in 12 different languages. These language learning alphabets include English, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, and more!
  • Fun! More Fun! And Super Fun! Plus, we feature excellent graphics and an engaging phonetic song that makes letter-learning fun
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Alphabets Recognition

Zoolingo will help your child recognize the letters of the alphabet. Teach your child to recognize all of the letters of the alphabet with this introductory letter game for preschoolers!

We have multiple alphabet learning games for toddlers to boost letter recognition. With your assistance, you can encourage your child to practice speaking and remembering the letters.

Once they get the hang of it, they’ll start learning in no time. Plus,  it’s the easiest way to start them on the road to multilingualism!

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Alphabets Sequence

It’s time for the next step in our alphabet learning game. Knowing all the individual letters is impressive, especially for a preschooler.

But, it’s also important to know that the letters form a sequence known as the alphabet.

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Tracing Alphabets


Help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with the last of our preschool letter games. Our alphabet learning for toddlers also include letter tracing.

This also allows your child to start the basics of writing by tracing out the letters by following the dotted lines.



With Zoolingo, you can help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning.

Supercharge Your Child’s Early Development Stage for Free (Additional Levels Available Through In-App Subscription). Zoolingo is a smart apps for kids that makes teaching kids with autism and special needs easier!

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