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Animal Puzzle Maze Games for Kids: Animals from All-Around the World

Engage your child in a classic entertainment that never gets old—mazes! Here in Zoolingo, we have a pocketful of fun and exciting animal puzzle maze games for kids!

The Best Learning App to Teach Your Toddlers about Dozens of Animals in a fun Way.

The Best Educational App to Stimulate Your Toddler’s Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills In A Fun Way!

We’ve got a vast collection of various mazes in different themes for kids. Help the prince to get back to the castle, the dog to get his bone, the monkey to get his banana, the astronaut back to his rocket, and more!

All of our animal puzzle maze games are beautifully illustrated to capture toddler’s attention and keep them engaged.

Zoolingo’s animal puzzle maze games give toddlers hours of fun and entertainment. We designed our mazes to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to think deeply and find the best way out through the mazes.

Studies show that animal puzzle maze games for kids to help with cognitive development. Special care educators use them to teach children with developmental issues. Plus, parents can use our puzzle maze games to support their child’s early learning.

Furthermore, our puzzle mazes can reinforce pattern recognition and encourage children to sharpen their concentration. They also aid in improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Zoolingo’s Maze island for toddlers and preschoolers offers fun, exciting, and stimulating maze activities.

Princess Snow Maze

Princess Snow picked apples for her dwarf friends. Help Princess Snow get back to her dwarf friends by finding the correct pathway to her cozy and beautiful hut!

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Dog Maze

Uh oh! Looks like our adorable doggo got lost. Help our dog get back to his house and reunite with his favorite toy by leading him to the correct pathway!

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Monkey Maze

Our little monkey friend is hungry. Can you help him find where the fruits are? Solve the maze and help our little monkey feed his tummy.

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Prince Maze

The castle needs the prince! Be a hero and help the prince get back to the grand castle. Solve this easy and super fun puzzle!

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Little Bunny Maze

The little bunny just got out of her house. Can you help her find the yummy orange carrots? Lead our little bunny friend to hop on the correct path.

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Astronaut Maze

What’s more fun than exploring outer space? Our brave astronaut needs your help finding the rocketship! Can you find the right path? Don’t miss your chance to help our little astronaut.

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Rabbit Maze

The hungry rabbit needs his basket of carrots. Give a helping hand and lead the hungry rabbit to his lovely carrots by guiding him to the right path. He couldn’t solve the maze without you!

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Bear Maze

Did you know that bears love honey? This adorable bear is looking for some honey, but he doesn’t know where to find them. He needs your help! Guide the bear and select the right path leading to the honey.

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Bee Maze

Buzzz… buzzz… buzzz… The Queen Bee is looking for some flowers. Can you find where the flowers are? Lead the Queen Bee to the flowers by selecting the right path.

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Little Red Riding Hood Girl Maze

The little girl in the red hood needs to visit her grandmother. Solve the maze and help the little girl find her grandma’s house before the bad wolf catches her!

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Ant Maze

Oh no! An ant got lost, and he needs your help to get back to his colony. Be a hero and save our little ant friend by choosing the right path and solving the maze.

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Dwarf Maze

The dwarf is looking for the treasure chest. Can you see the chest filled with golds and jewelry? He needs your help. Go on and solve the maze, and help the dwarf hunt the chest

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School Boy Maze

The bell is about to ring. Our friend needs to be at the school before the bell rings. Lead the way by solving the maze and safely helping the little boy get to his first day of school.

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Cat Maze

Meow… Meow… Meow. This adorable feline is looking for some food to eat, and she needs your help to find the fish to feed her tummy. Solve this fun and easy maze now to save the cat.

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Taxi Maze

You’re in a new city, and you need to go to your hotel by riding in a taxi. But the driver doesn’t know where to go. Show him the way by solving this puzzle. Amazing rewards await you.

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Vacation Maze

It’s a holiday! And your family went out of town to spend the vacation. Can you spot your hotel?

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Rocket Maze

Our astronaut needs your help again. Help our spaceman get back to Earth safely by leading him to the right path. Be careful! The routes can be confusing. Make sure to select the correct way.

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School Bus Maze

It’s the first day of the school bus driver, and he needs some help getting the pupils to the school safely. Choose the correct road to take so the students won’t get late to school.

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Candy Maze

Give a helping hand and lead the taxi driver to his way home. Can you spot his home? Select the correct road to take so he can be back to his family before dinner time!

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With Zoolingo, you can help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning.

Supercharge Your Child’s Early Development Stage for Free (Additional Levels Available Through In-App Subscription). Zoolingo is a smart app for kids that makes teaching kids with autism and special needs easier!

Zoolingo is loaded with fun games, puzzles, and mazes to stimulate your child’s thinking ability and enhance cognitive development. All of our games are easy tap-and-drag gameplay that improves your child’s fine motor skills.

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Animal Puzzle Maze Games for Kids: Animals from All-Around the World

Cognitive development refers to the ability to think, explore, and solve problems. It’s an essential skill that must be developed at an early age. By engaging in fun and challenging mazes, your child can improve his knowledge, thinking skills, reasoning, and logical thinking skills.

Teachers approve that giving your child animal puzzle games can improve a child’s brain development. Plus, it’s an effective way to stimulate different aspects, such as fine motor skills, shape recognition, and problem-solving.

We specifically designed our puzzle maze games to be highly interactive and entertaining. Our team of geniuses created vivid and fun illustrations, engaging graphics, lively background music, and an exciting reward system where toddlers can collect stickers after completing a set of mazes and puzzles.

WPlus, parents can use our puzzle maze games as a bonding moment with their tots and PreKs. It’s an excellent way to gather the family and keep siblings close to each other.

Here are more reasons why our puzzle maze games are a great teaching tool:

  • They promote brain development. Brain development also means cognitive development. Engaging in activities that encourage kids to invigorate their thinking abilities helps them practice their problem solving and reasoning skills. It’s a vital skill that they can benefit from in the long run.
  • Helps develop socialization skills. Children can play our puzzle maze games together in their playtime. It’s a great way to enhance your child’s social and interpersonal skills.
  • Our puzzle maze games improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It takes the coordination of both the eyes and hands to solve our puzzle maze games. Hence, children can boost their eye and hand coordination by playing our game without even noticing it. As they glide their fingers through the correct path, they can also improve their control over their arms, hands, and fingers, resulting in refined motor skills.
  • They boost confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Although we designed our puzzle maze games to be easy and playable by toddlers, we did not forget to put a speck of challenge in them. Some of the mazes challenge kids to think thoroughly to find the solution. By completing these puzzles, your child will boost their confidence and sense of accomplishment.


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