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Benefits of Using Zoolingo Autism Apps for Basic Learning

Teaching your child with special needs can be a struggle. But one thing everyone knows is that the learning process for your child happens at their own pace. With patience, you can help your child learn the basics of reading, writing, and speaking. But with Zoolingo, one of the top rated autism apps, can make it much easier for you!

With Zoolingo, teaching is easier and absolutely more enjoyable with your special needs child. Download the app and gain access to the following:

●1,000+ educational games for children, covering alphabet, math, shapes, and more
●24/7 availability – kids can now easily practice at home with their parents
●Games are available in 16 different languages (12 for ABCs)
●No cumbersome worksheets and printouts to carry around
●Earth-friendly (think of all the trees you will save!)
●Excellent for group activities and singalongs (especially our nursery rhymes)
●A perfect tool for engaging with children with autism and other disorders


What other educators of special needs kids have to say:


My classroom kids love Zoolingo!

I started using this app about a year ago in an effort to provide uniform activities for 10+ preschoolers in my group. Until that time, it was chaos, with every child wanting to do something else and demanding full attention. Now, we can all focus on the lesson at hand and they generally don’t require so much hands-on attention. It’s been a great help to me and a lot of fun for the kids!

Tina, Preschool Teacher, Ireland

Zoolingo is a great time-saver for teachers

I used to lug around a backpack full of printouts for my kids, which all took hours to prepare. The moment my school invested in tablets, I petitioned to get a Zoolingo subscription. The team was very helpful (and generous) when handling our bulk order and the kids love the various learning games the app has to offer. It’s especially helpful when it comes to keeping kids with learning disabilities on track with their peers – they are more engaged, more attentive, and follow along with ease.

Thomas, Elementary School Teacher, Australia


Zoolingo: #1 App for Early Childhood and Special Needs Teachers


Teachers and educators have a lot on their plate. Preparing the generations of our best and the brightest for the world beyond childhood is, by no means, an easy task. However, it is especially challenging when they deal with autistic children. However, the Internet has made things a lot easier. And a lot more complicated at the same time. But, teaching in this day and age means teaching tomorrow’s skills right now.

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Kids need to be exposed to emerging technologies from an early age because their future employment depends on them. That’s why Zoolingo is the best app for early childhood teachers. It gives you an opportunity to introduce technology to kids. But, at the same time, using it to teach the basic curriculum, such as the ABCs, numbers, shapes, and more.

Zoolingo as an Excellent Autism Apps for Special Needs Kids Learning

4-1 Autism Apps

Children with developmental issues, especially those suffering from disorders in the autism spectrum, can sometimes be difficult to work with.

They often have problems concentrating on the task at hand. And communicating verbally, and picking up on body language cues can also be a struggle. This presents a problem for early childhood educators. Especially so, if they are dealing with several such children in one classroom.

Zoolingo can definitely be considered an app for autistic kids, especially when we factor in how beneficial it can be in improving learning outcomes.

Additional Benefits of Using Apps for Autism

● Some autistic kids are nonverbal. Autism apps can provide a communications outlet for them. It, also, allows them to point at pictures, shapes, or numbers to express themselves better.

● Similarly, autistic kids can become engrossed and engaged much more quickly. There are no distractions to learning and Zoolingo makes every topic fun.

● Zoolingo can help calm down an agitated kid. With over 1000 games to choose from, apps for autism provides a familiar activity. Especially if the app is already a part of their daily routine

Interacting with an app will help autistic kids develop their fine motor skills. Such skills that are related to different movements and finger actions, such as pressing, pointing, or pinching.


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The best children’s learning app and top smart apps for kids and set your baby up for success. Make practicing numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors, and more a fun family activity. Here, you can enjoy exciting and learning quality time together!

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