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Best Free Apps for Kids to Learn Shapes

Teaching your toddler how to identify shapes can be a struggle. But if you equip the best free apps for kids to learn shapes, you’ll surely find Zoolingo a perfect fit.

● Interest your preschooler in shapes with an engaging and fun mobile app
● Teach them the names of the shapes through tracing and sorting games
● Enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination, vocabulary, and math skills
● Learning shapes is a great exercise in categorizing and comparisons
● Available in 16 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, and German

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Identify Shapes

First of our shape-learning games for kids focuses on teaching them the names of various shapes.

●The game shows an illustration of a shape and says its name. Your child then needs to click on that shape on the screen, picking it out from a variety of different, colorful shapes (the shape may appear once or more times).

●The child will then need to select the correct shape between various options on the screen.

Trace Shapes

Once your child has mastered the basic shapes, they can move on to the next game. Here, they will need to trace the shapes on the screen with their finger (the shapes will appear as dotted lines). This reinforcer their knowledge about how many sides each shape has.

Sorting Shapes

If you’re looking for a more advanced shape activity for toddlers, let them try their hand at sorting. Different everyday objects of varying shapes will appear on the screen – they are accompanied by three shape boxes on the top of the screen. Your kid then needs to drag the objects to their corresponding shape box.

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Shapes for Preschoolers Made Easy With the Best Free Apps For Kids!


The differences between shapes is one of the most important things your child will learn in kindergarten, which is why all of them have very intensive shape activities for preschoolers built into their curriculum.

However, you don’t have to wait until then to get your child started on the road to success. You can start by investing in the best free apps for kids to help them learn. The earlier they start learning shapes, the better. That is why our app features interactive and fun shape-learning games for toddlers.

8-2 Kids Games App

Learning shapes is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. If your child is two or three years old, focus on basic shapes, such as triangles, squares, and circles, and don’t fuss if they can’t get the other ones right just yet – they will get there eventually, the Zoolingo app will see to that.

Shape activities for preschoolers are extremely beneficial, for several reasons:

They help expand your child’s vocabulary and writing skills.

Everything is an exercise in vocabulary, including shape-learning. Shapes are also important when it comes to distinguishing between letters, and a child who has mastered various shapes will have an easier time when it comes to writing.

Learning shapes also helps develop math skills.

What are shapes but geometry? Learning them at an early age will give your child an advantage when it comes to that branch of math. Additionally, it will also help them with number recognition.

They enhance problem-solving skills

Shape recognition is essential for a number of other developmental games, such as puzzles. Once you teach your kid shapes, they will have an easier time solving other problems that require logical thinking and reasoning.

They teach about comparisons and categorization

Children are notoriously bad at grouping similar things because they have no idea what ‘alike’ means. Learning shapes helps them recognize similar items and the logic that goes behind groupings.