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Learn Foreign Language with Zoolingo: Learn to Write and Pronounce Letters

With Zoolingo, your toddlers can learn to speak and write in different languages! Learn foreign language through fun games and activities. We have integrated 16 languages in our app, so your child can develop multilingual skills.

Why choose Zoolingo to learn foreign language?


  • Learning a new language is fun with Zoolingo! We’ve got a wide collection of puzzles, mazes, and games that kids can enjoy in the language they want to learn. All of our games are designed to improve children’s cognitive development, fine motor skills, and critical thinking ability.
  • Our app is available in 16 languages. Before, Zoolingo had only 14 languages. In our latest update, we have added two new languages: Korean and Japanese. More languages mean more opportunities for kids to learn foreign language!
  • Easy-to-access and real-time language switching. Changing the language of our games is quick and easy. Change the language whenever you like by simply gliding over the Language slider. There’s no need to restart the app when changing the language! The switch happens simultaneously, so tots have more time to learn foreign language.
  • Learn to recognize letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in different languages. Whether your child is learning a new language or relearning their mother tongue, Zoolingo has a way to help them succeed in mastering the language through fun games and activities. With Zoolingo, they can learn to write and pronounce letters and numbers. They can also recognize colors and shapes using their foreign language.
  • Regular updates and improvements. We at Zoolingo never stop improving and adding new games. We’re always on the move in developing educational games that kids can truly enjoy. Expect more languages to be added to our app!


Ace at writing and speaking using the English language through engaging and interactive games. Learn phonics, numbers, shapes, nursery rhymes using the most known language in the world. Our app is set in English as default.

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Konnichiwa! Learning Japanese has never been more fun with Zoolingo. Choose the Japanese language to help your toddler ace the language.

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Ni hao! Mandarin can be quite challenging to learn, but Zoolingo makes sure your toddlers will have fun learning the language. Enjoy all of our games and puzzles in the Mandarin language.

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Hola! Learn to speak and write in Spanish with Zoolingo. Recognize letters and learn how to pronounce them correctly. You can set the app in Spanish language with just a single tap!

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Hallo! Switch Zoolingo to Norwegian without breaking a sweat. Master the Norwegian alphabet, learn to trace the letters, and pronounce them correctly—Zoolingo can help you throughout the process.

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Bonjour! How about some French lessons today? Help your toddler speak French fluently by playing Zoolingo in the French language. Recognize letters and numbers, solve math problems, and identify measurements in French. Children can also widen their French vocabulary!

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Guten tag! What a lovely day to learn German. Our Zoolingo can be set in German so your toddler can master this language. Learn ABCs, 123s, colors, and shapes in German. It’s fun and easy—qualities you would expect from a teacher-approved educational app!

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Здравствуйте! For non-Russian speakers, that means Hello! Let your child explore the beautiful Russian language now. Did you know that Russian is the 6th most natively spoken language? Not just that, aside from English, Russian is another language of space.

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Merhaba! It’s a beautiful day to digest the Turkish language. If you think learning Turkish is hard, think again. We designed Zoolingo to be fun, easy, and educational for toddlers. Hence, we also made sure that kids can learn the Turkish language in exciting ways.

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Uno. Due. Tre. Learn to count, speak, and write in Italian with Zoolingo! Here’s an interesting fact: the Italian alphabet has only 21 letters. Let your child master the Italian language now by playing Zoolingo. Ciao!

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Hej! Challenge your child to learn Danish in just a week. Worry not—Zoolingo is here to help. We haave alphabets game where kids can learn to recognize, trace, and pronounce Danish alphabets.

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Halla! There’s no better way to learn Swedish than with fun learning activities. With our engaging fun games, kids will learn foreign language in ways that excite them.

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Ola! Let your child learn foreign language with Zoolingo. Speak Portuguese like a native speaker with the help of our educational app. Not only will you learn how to write in Portuguese but also how to pronounce numbers, shapes, measurements, months, and more.

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S. Korean

Annyeong! Help your child widen his vocabulary by learning the South Korean language. Boost your child’s learning by engaging in our wide range of puzzles and mazes set in South Korean. Your child will grasp how to count and write in Korean.

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Speak, write, and say greetings in Indonesian. Our goal is to make learning foreign language as fun and engaging as possible. Although Zoolingo is not primarily designed as a language app, we have equipped it with various foreign languages, including Indonesian, to enhance their multilingual skills using our child-friendly app.

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How about some splash of Arabic language lessons? Let your child master this beautiful language by setting Zoolingo in Arabic. We will teach kids to write and pronounce Arabic letters correctly, so they become proficient with it as they progress through the game.

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With Zoolingo, you can help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning.

Supercharge Your Child’s Early Development Stage for Free (Additional Levels Available Through In-App Subscription). Zoolingo is a smart app for kids that makes teaching kids with autism and special needs easier!

Zoolingo is available in 16 languages. You can switch from one language to another with just a swipe. It’s an excellent game that allows children to learn foreign language.

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Learn Foreign Language with Zoolingo

You can teach your child a new language as soon as they can speak and read. Kids learn in various ways, including through hearing sounds and repetition. Kids who learn foreign language at an early age can achieve the fluency level of a native speaker when they reach age 10.

Studies show that it is harder to learn a new language as we go through adulthood. So, if you want your child to speak many languages, teaching them while they are young is the best way to go.

Zoolingo is loaded with fun, interactive, and engaging games set in English as default. You can always change the language with just a single tap. Go to the homepage and select the language of your choice.

You can set the language of the app in English (or your preferred language) and play the Alphabets game in a different language.

Our goal is to make our educational app available as widely as possible, so we integrated 16 languages in it so many kids can access our app.

Download Zoolingo now and let the fun learning adventure start. Millions of parents and teachers love Zoolingo because it’s child-friendly, safe, educational, and highly interactive. We guarantee that kids will have hours of fun learning new languages, solving puzzles, connecting dots, and roleplaying different professions.

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