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Mathlingo: PreK Math and Grade 1 Math for Fun Learning

Zoolingo makes learning math super fun, easy, and engaging! With Zoolingo, your preschoolers will enjoy counting numbers and learning addition and subtraction. Our PreK math and Grade 1 Math will help your kiddos ace adding and subtracting numbers from 1 to 20.

The Best Educational App: Mathlingo

We have updated our Mathlingo game to make learning math a fun learning experience. Our Mathlingo has minigames of its own categorized as PreK Math and Grade 1 Math.

The PreK math aims to teach preschoolers counting, adding, and subtracting numbers from 1 to 10. The game also introduces geometry in exciting ways. With Zoolingo’s PreK math, your preschooler will learn various shapes, 3D figures, matching, and measurements.

Step up the game for first graders! Our Grade 1 Mathlingo will help your kid master counting, adding, and subtracting numbers from 1 to 20. We also have minigames set to teach them 2- and 3-dimensional shapes, fractions, reading the clock, days of the week, weight, length, and height.

  • With Prek Math, your preschoolers will develop their mathematical skills from 1 to 10.
  • They will also help you teach your kids the basics of counting. So, from 1 to 10 and back, they can easily master it. Not only that but they will learn numbers in 16 different languages.
  • Our Mathlingo minigames will enrich your child’s understanding of numbers, basic algebra, and measurement.
  • You can use our teacher-approved PreK math games in homeschooling your child.
  • Mathlingo provides hours of fun and learning. It also helps your preschoolers prepare for school math activities.
  • First grade students will enjoy learning addition and subtraction from numbers 1 to 20. They will also master the basic concepts of dimensions, fractions, and measurements.
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Numbers up to 5

Help your preschooler learn counting numbers up to 5. This stage has 4 levels: (1) Learn to count to 5, (2) Count to 5, (3) Represent numbers to 5, and (4) One more up to 5. With vivid and fun graphics and animations, interactive gameplay, and upbeat music, we guarantee your preschooler will love this game!

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Addition up to 5

Now that your kid mastered counting numbers up to 5, it’s time to step up the game and teach them addition. Our Addition games come with quirky pictures of animals, robots, and numbers. How many animals do you get when you have two penguins and three lions?

With this minigame, your preschooler will also learn to solve addition word problems. It’s a great way to enhance your child’s comprehension and critical thinking.

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Subtraction up to 5

Learning subtraction has never been fun and easier with Zoolingo! Our PreK math involves teaching preschoolers to master subtraction up to 5. This is a good start in helping them get the grasp of subtracting larger numbers. What do you get when you remove one starfish from a group of three starfish?
There are also subtraction word problems to stimulate your child’s comprehension and problem solving skills.

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Numbers up to 10

Now that your preschooler has mastered counting, adding, and subtracting numbers up to 5, it’s time to level up his math skills. Teach them to count numbers up to 10 with this fantastic minigame. There are fun sea animals to make counting more fun!

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Addition up to 10

Introduce addition up to 10 to your child with our engaging and exciting activities. Our Addition games have engaging pictures to make addition easy to understand. Stimulate your child’s logical thinking with our Complete the addition game. What’s 2 + _ = 3? And to make it more challenging, we also have addition word problems!

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Subtraction Up to 10

Encourage your child to master take away with our easy and highly interactive subtraction game. This preK math game will introduce your preschooler to subtraction of numbers from 1 to 10. We have integrated pictures to make learning subtraction a fun experience for kids who can get easily distracted

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Shapes are literally everywhere! Our geometry game is the best way to jumpstart your kid’s knowledge of shapes and figures. This PreK math geometry game will help your child to recognize different shapes and match shapes to various items. It will also introduce different 3D dimensional shapes.

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Order and Sort

Now that your preschooler has puzzled out addition, subtraction, and shapes, you can put their knowledge to test with our order and sort game. This game will develop their logical, critical thinking, and reasoning. At an early age, your kid will get the grasp of sorting colors, shapes, and ordering items based on similarity.

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It’s never too early to teach your child about measurements. Our fun PreK math games include the Measurement game where your preschoolers will understand and recognize various lengths, sizes, and height. Which is larger? A whale or starfish? Which is taller? A penguin or a giraffe?


We’ve got loads of fun learning activities for your toddlers, PreKs, and grade-schoolers! With Zoolingo, your child will not only learn about PreK math but also alphabets, jigsaw puzzles, mazes, occupations, colors, vocabulary, and so much more. Zoolingo is a free-to-download game available in both iOS and Android devices. We regularly update our fun PreK math and puzzle games to provide your child with the best and most fun learning experience.

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Mathlingo: PreK Math and Grade 1 Math for Fun Learning

The best educational app to introduce your child to PreK Math and Grade 1 Math.

Thousands of parents and teachers LOVE Zoolingo!

Mathlingo is more than just counting numbers. We crafted games that will enhance your child’s knowledge in basic algebra. With our Mathlingo game, your PreK will be able to improve his ability to count, add, and subtract numbers from 1 to 10. Our games are also guaranteed to enhance your child’s knowledge of shapes and measurements.

Our Grade 1 Math targets grade-schoolers and helps them to excel in math. It also aims to support kids who struggle with counting, adding, and subtracting. With fun pictures, interactive games, vivid graphics, and quirky animations, we guarantee that your child will enjoy learning math more than ever!
With Mathlingo PreK Math and Grade 1 Math, your kid will learn the following:

  • Ability to identify numbers and count from 1 to 20. We designed our game in a way children will be able to memorize numbers up to 20 in fun and engaging ways. We used animals, robots, and animated numbers to captivate children’s attention.
  • Solve math word problems. Word problems are proven to enhance children’s comprehension and ability to solve problems logically. It will also improve their reading skills.
  • Recognize shapes and 3-dimensional figures. Our world is filled with geometric shapes. Help your child recognize various shapes with Mathlingo! We teach kids to identify 2- and 3-dimensional shapes using pictures and fun animation.
  • Identify and understand the concept of measurement. At an early age, you can teach your child about different measurements by comparing different objects. Zoolingo helps you to introduce measurements to your kids using engaging and interactive games.


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