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Zoolingo’s 7 Best Preschool Counting Games!

Join the Zoolingo Family and teach your kids how to count. With Zoolingo, your tots will learn their numbers in more ways than one. We have seven different preschool counting games that will help them get familiar with numbers.

The Best Educational Apps: Top Preschool Counting Games

  • Our numbers app for toddlers will help your child develop a ‘number sense’. It will give them the ability to understand numbers. And also learn the basics of early arithmetic.
  • They will also help you teach your kids the basics of counting. So, from 1 to 10 and back, they can easily master it. Not only that but they will learn numbers in 16 different languages.
  • Our preschool counting games for toddlers are intuitive and easy to understand. Your child can play alone or learn to share with others.
  • Educators also use our counting games for kids to assist with cognitive development. Especially so for their children with learning disabilities.
  • Zoolingo’s preschool counting games provide hours and hours of educational fun. And it helps prepare your child for their preschool activities.
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Counting Fruits

Have fun learning numbers from 1 – 10 with your toddler in our first game! How many fruits are on the screen? Help your child count them all and select the correct answer.

In addition to counting, your toddler will get a chance to learn the correct pronunciation of the numbers. And they can do that in 16 languages available,. And with a bit of your help, they will also broaden their knowledge of certain fruits too.

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Tracing Numbers

Once you’ve mastered the order and the pronunciation of all the numbers, it’s time to learn how to recognize their symbols. Our second preschool counting game gives your child the opportunity to trace different numbers before they can confidently grasp a pencil. They will not only learn the shapes of the numbers but will also practice their dexterity and fine motor skills.

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Counting Animals

How many cows are on the screen? Help your child count them all by clicking on each animal. In addition to learning counting and addition, they will also get an opportunity to reinforce their knowledge of common farmyard animals. This is a great numbers game for a toddler for when you want to start teaching them the concept of one-to-one correspondence (ability to understand that each image represents ‘one more’) early on.

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Number Sequence

To reinforce your child’s understanding of how numbers follow one another in a logical sequence, use our fourth counting game – number sequences. With this game, they will get to grips with correct sequencing and learn numbers from 1 – 10 in a heartbeat!

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Pop the Number

To make the learning process even more fun for young kids, we’ve added a counting game for toddlers that lets them pop the numbers in balloons floating on the screen. The balloons all have the same number in them, which will help your child quickly memorize them.

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Order the Numbers

One of the more popular games in our counting app for toddlers is ‘Order the Numbers’. They get to (correctly) order numbers from 1 – 10 – this is the fastest way to teach your child counting, and they get to have fun doing it in 16 different languages!

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Catch the Number

A ton of fun awaits your child in our next preschool counting game. They get to catch the falling numbers in a chest – encourage them to catch all the same numerals, practicing each one as they go along.



With Zoolingo, you can help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning.

Supercharge Your Child’s Early Development Stage for Free (Additional Levels Available Through In-App Subscription). Zoolingo is a smart apps for kids that makes teaching kids with autism and special needs easier!

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Zoolingo’s Preschool Counting Games for Kids

The Best Introduction To the World of Numbers!

A lot of parents are at their wit’s end when it comes to how to teach kids counting. Numbers are beautiful but, unfortunately, only some of us are encouraged to work with them (and like them) from an early age. Because of the aversion parents have toward math, kids are mostly encouraged to occupy their time with the alphabet, shapes, and nursery rhymes (we have plenty of those here at Zoolingo, too). What this means is that a lot of kids start preschool and still struggle with counting from 1 to 10. This seriously impacts their ability to excel at math at a later age.

If you’re not sure how to practice numbers with your toddler, we want you to give our counting app for kids a try! It allows you to augment other types of counting games for children, and it’s easy and fun to use.

There are many benefits to it:

  • An early start on numeral identification – counting apps for toddlers are a great way to introduce children to the world of numbers. The earlier they start identifying number shapes with actual numbers, the better their math skills are in the future.
  • Learning the sounds of numbers and their pronunciation – it’s important to get the number sounds just right at an early age – it’s an easy way to enrich the vocabulary of your child.
  • Developing awareness of one-to-one correspondence and counting on – the ultimate goal of counting apps for toddlers is to teach them the difference between one and many, more or less, and logical number sequences.
  • Recognition of patterns and their recreation – number games for toddlers allow you to teach your child patterns, and helps them further develop their logic and critical thinking skills.


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