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Spelling for Kids: Broaden Your Kids Vocabulary with Zoolingo


It’s never too early to start teaching your kids how to spell! Zoolingo is a teacher-approved app designed to help toddlers and preschoolers enhance their knowledge in spelling, vocabulary, reading, and so much more!


Why choose Zoolingo in teaching your child how to spell?


  • Intuitive and child-friendly interface.TOur goal is to help children learn and excel in academics, even when they are not supervised. Your tots and preschoolers can easily access our spelling games. Our app is ad-free, making sure our app is safe and secure. With Zoolingo, your child can quickly enhance their spelling skills in the first week.
  • Interactive gameplay.We want toddlers to be fully engaged so that they can benefit from our educational spelling games. In our latest update, we have added more games for kids to enjoy. You can find 10 amazing and fun spelling for kids game, featuring colors, numbers, animals, fruits, emotions, places, and more.
  • Perfect for early childhood education.Just because your toddler isn’t attending school does not mean you have to skip early home education. We have teamed up with experts and educators to make our spelling for kids game educational and beneficial for young learners.
  • Available in 16 languages. You read that right. We want Zoolingo to be available for as many children as possible, so we integrated 16 languages into our game. Help your child ace in spelling in 16 languages, including Arabic, Danish, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and more!
  • Vivid graphics, upbeat music, and exciting rewards. We believe that children learn more when they are having fun. Zoolingo spelling for kids game uses fun animation, cheery music, and fun rewards to keep children excited in playing our game.
  • Designed for independent learning. Many parents love Zoolingo because it gave them one hour of peace! Our spelling for kids game and other exciting learning activities give kids hours and hours of entertainment.
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Spelling Colors

After playing the Colors game, you can help your toddler master, memorize, and spell them by playing the Colors spelling game. The game is easy! Simply tap on the letters to spell the color being said in the game. After completing a set of color spelling for kids, your toddler will be rewarded with stickers of their choice!

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Spelling Shapes

Encourage your child not just to recognize various shapes but also to spell them out. All the letters are presented on the screen; your toddler will just have to tap the letters according to the correct order. To hear the shape to spell, you can tap the Megaphone icon.

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Spelling Numbers

Our spelling for kids game allows children to count numbers and spell them! By learning how to spell numbers correctly, toddlers can excel in solving math word problems. This can also widen their vocabulary!

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Spelling Emotions

What’s the word when you’re feeling nervous and anxious? How about when you feel cheery? How about when you are feeling peaceful? Let your child express their feelings through writing by teaching them to spell the emotions they feel. By learning to spell emotions, you can help your child communicate well verbally or through writing.

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Spelling Fruits

Broaden your child’s knowledge of fruits by playing our spelling for kids game. Our fruits spelling game involves different yummy and colorful fruits, such as apples, oranges, mangoes, and watermelons. We have integrated illustrations of the fruits they need to spell so not only will your child learn how to form the fruit through letters but also to recognize them.

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Spelling Vegetables

If your child loves vegetables, then he will definitely love our vegetable spelling game. This spelling for kids game allows children to spell out different vegetables and learn how to pronounce them properly. And because our game is available in 16 languages, your child can learn to spell vegetables in foreign languages.

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Spelling Body Parts

After playing the Body Parts game in Vocabulary, you can now practice your child to spell them out in our Spelling Body Parts game. This game makes identifying body parts easier! Your toddler can play all the spelling games as many times as they like until they master spelling.

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Spelling Seasons and Weather

Encourage your child not only to recognize different seasons but to spell them as well. With our fun and easy spelling for kids game, your child can develop and reinforce his knowledge of seasons even further.

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Spelling Measurements and Sizes

After playing Mathlingo, your child will be equipped with knowledge of measurement and various sizes. They can now pinpoint, which is bigger and which one’s smaller. They are also able to identify which is long and which one is short. Now, step up their knowledge by teaching them how to spell measurements and sizes by playing our spelling for kids game!

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Spelling Adorable Animals

Our spelling for kids game also involves teaching young learners to spell various animals. From three-letter to eight-letter animals, they can learn them all here in Zoolingo!


With Zoolingo, you can help your child find fun ways to enjoy learning.

Supercharge Your Child’s Early Development Stage for Free (Additional Levels Available Through In-App Subscription). Zoolingo is a smart app for kids that makes teaching kids with autism and special needs easier!

Thanks to our spelling for kids game, your child can become the next Spelling Wizard who can ace in every spelling bee.

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Spelling for Kids: Broaden Your Kids Vocabulary with Zoolingo

Zoolingo is not just an ordinary app that only entertains. We have teamed up with game designers and educators to develop a highly educational app that can teach children more than just ABCs and 123s, which most apps in the market are today.

We aim to help children recognize shapes, numbers, body parts, and fruits, and spell them out, so they become articulate and proficient at spelling later in life.

Many parents are skeptical about teaching toddlers to spell, thinking that it’s way too advanced for young learners. But the truth is that when you apply the proper technique, children as young as two years old can be excellent at spelling many words!

When children know what words to use and what they should call an object, they become excellent communicators. They also become more confident in speaking and expressing themselves.

Our spelling for kids game is beneficial in many ways than one:

  • They help expand a child’s vocabulary Enough with the baby talk. Teach your child to become an excellent communicator at an early age by introducing them to actual words. Our spelling game is an excellent game in conjunction with our other educational games, such as Vocabulary and Mathlingo.
  • Our games encourage children to practice their knowledge of letters. Once your child has mastered letters and phonics, you can then challenge them to put their knowledge into practice by playing our spelling for kids game. Apple starts with A, what’s the next letter?
  • Learning fruits and vegetables helps children to love food. Introducing various fruits and vegetables to your child is an excellent way to get them familiar with them, so they won’t have to ask you what’s that sweet red thing when you serve them apples!
  • Spelling words can enhance their ability to recognize letters and their sounds. We have three-letter words that children can start to spell. And as they progress through the game, they can proceed to spell longer words, such as elephant and tortoise.
  • An excellent game to supplement home learning. Your child’s education starts at home. Aside from engaging your toddler with the educational curriculum, you can use Zoolingo, so your child’s education continues during playtime!

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