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Zoo Games: Be Zoolingo’s Amazing Zookeeper


We need your help in keeping our zoo animals clean and healthy! Our new game allows your kid to be the best zookeeper in the world. With this new zoo game, toddlers can learn to take care of animals, identify them, and recognize their sounds.


Zoo Games: Be Zoolingo’s Amazing Zookeeper


  • Our zoo games teach children how to take good care of animals and pets. It’s a great way to encourage them to love and be kind to animals.
  • They will also learn to memorize animal names and recognize the sounds they make.
  • The zoo games will also teach children what certain foods each animal loves to eat and what they do not eat.
  • Children will get a better understanding of whether an animal eats meat or not.
  • Our high-quality and vivid graphics, along with upbeat music, can keep your toddler entertained and engaged for hours.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers will love dressing up the animals with colorful and fancy costumes.
  • Enjoy cleaning, feeding, and dressing up 10 adorable animals.
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Bath, Dry, and Brush

Uh oh! It seems like our zoo animals enjoyed splashing in the mud. Be the most amazing zookeeper and keep all the animals squeaky clean! Give them a nice bubble bath to remove all the dirt. Shower them to remove all the bubbles, and dry them. Don’t forget to brush their teeth so they can smile.

This is an excellent game to teach children to love and take care of animals and their pets. It’s also a great way to encourage toddlers to practice good hygiene, such as showering and brushing their teeth.

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Feed your animal

The animals are hungry. Be the best zookeeper and feed them with foods that they love to eat! We have a selection of various foods that animals eat, but it is for your toddler to select what they will feed them. Our food menu involves fruits, vegetables, and meat. Simply drag the food to the animal’s mouth to feed them. Be careful! Some animals do not eat fruits and vegetables, and some do not eat meat.

This part of the game is a great way to teach your toddlers about herbivores (animals who love to eat plants) and carnivores (animals who love to eat meat). It’s also a fun learning game that will encourage them to feed their pet animals at home to keep them happy!

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Dress them up!


Be the best zookeeper and style up your animals! Our zoo games allow children to dress up the zoo animals with fun, colorful, and fancy costumes. It takes one simple drag-and-drop to dress up the animals. We’re pretty sure your toddler will figure it out on their own. It’s super easy!

Dressing up the animals can help your toddler practice and improve their cognitive and fine motor skills as they decide where to put the pieces of clothing and as they pick and drag them to the animals.

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Tap and Listen!

Wonder what animals sound like? Tap the Sound icon to hear the animal sound of each animal. This can help toddlers and preschoolers recognize various animal sounds. Kids can mimic the animal sounds they hear for speech development. Animal sounds give the pathway for learning new words and sentences.

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Make early education a fun experience for your toddlers and preschoolers by downloading Zoolingo. Our teacher-approved zoo games invigorate your children’s thinking ability and development, perfect even for kids with autism and special needs.

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Our zoo games enhance fine motor skills, promote speech development, and encourage critical thinking
Toddlers are attracted to things that move and have sounds. That’s why they love animals! Kids can benefit a lot from listening to animal sounds. For toddlers, animal sounds are fascinating and exciting, but animal sounds do more than entertaining tots.

  • Animal sounds contribute to speech development. By the age of two, most toddlers can already speak over 20 different words and can even start to combine them. There are also easy consonants, including p, m, h, b, t, and d. They are easier to pronounce when you pair them with vowels. What do you get when you join those consonants with vowels?

Exactly! Animal sounds. Moo, baa, koo, and so on.
Animal sounds are a great way to encourage toddlers to start working on their speech. Once toddlers learn to make animal sounds, they can use them to start creating other words, then soon, build sentences.

Another way to improve your child’s speech abilities is by singing. Zoolingo app has fun and upbeat classic nursery rhymes that you and your kid can sing along with.

Children experiencing speech or language delays will truly benefit from our zoo games. Our zoo games are available in 16 languages, including Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Deutsch, German, and more!

  • Improves fine motor skills. Our zoo games do promote not only speech development but also improve fine motor skills. Toddlers need to tap and drag the bubble bath to remove the dirt, the shower to rinse the animals, the blower to dry them, and the toothbrush to clean their teeth. This simple game requires toddlers to select the items and drag them to the animals, refining their fine motor skills without them noticing it.
  • Zoo games invigorate critical thinking and problem-solving. animals is also a fun and challenging task. Toddlers will figure out what food an animal eats and does not eat. This encourages them to practice their critical thinking skills.
  • Our fun games and activities enhance hand-eye coordination. The hand-eye coordination is crucial in toddlerhood. As they improve this skill, they get better at their ability to see and grasp objects. These are essential skills that they can carry later on in life. Enhancing the hand and eye coordination will also help build their independence at self-care activities.
  • Introduces various animals and encourages toddlers to take care of them. It’s best to teach kids to show love and kindness to animals at this stage. Our game teaches children to take care of animals by bathing and feeding them.
  • Teaches self-care and hygiene. Our zoo games also encourage toddlers to practice good hygiene.

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“Impressed by the variety of games this app offers. [I am] also very impressed by [the] languages it offers, Russian, Norwegian, Portuguese, [and] many more. Great preschool games free! Learn colors, abc letters, play abc puzzles, many different puzzles! Never been Impressed by a kids game before. :)”

— Ann Erickson

“I’ve got 4 kids and they all love the ABC puzzles, they learn shapes and ABC letters before other kids [their] age because of small [entertaining] games like this! Great app!”

— Bryson Makua

“I love zoolingo because it has preschool games [for] free. The ABC puzzles and animal colors really get the child excited and ready to learn and play along. The preschool zoo theme is a cute idea. I know many kiddos will love.”

— Bonnie Roberts

“Preschool zoo ABC tracing game that is a good start for kids to enter preschool. It teaches ABC letters with exercises [like] tracing the ABC. There’s also an option to learn color and learn shapes with puzzles and sequences exercise just for preschoolers.”

— Niya Dairo

“My daughter loves this game and has learned a lot. She uses it to learn colors and shapes. Thank you for such a great app.”

— Sharpsburg Woodworker

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