October 16, 2019
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10 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before the First Day of Kindergarten

While a child acquires most of their basic reading or writing skills in preschool, there are certain skills that your little one must master very well before entering kindergarten. We’ve compiled a bag of skills and things that your child must have before taking their first steps in their first day of kindergarten!

What Should Kids Know Before Kindergarten

1. To eat on their own

Independent eating must take root in your child’s development after the age when he gives up the bottle. That is usually around 12 to 24 months. Your toddler will begin to drink from his/her own cup.

At the age when your tot starts to go to kindergarten, your little one should be able to eat alone from the plate, without help. Not only that, but eat with little mess and with adequate knowledge on how to use the cutlery. By preschool, kids should already know how to eat without much mess. But when it comes to entering kindergarten, your tot must have mastered the art of feeding him/herself using the proper utensils.

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2. To go to the potty

Teachers, carers, and other staff in the school are there to teach your kids not to change their diapers. Unless this is one of their specified services, your little one must already be potty-trained. Surprising as it may be but some kids way beyond six years old are still wearing diaper pants. Before entering preschool, your child must also know how to go to the toilet when he/she finds the need. Especially so if they enter on their first day of kindergarten. Though there are isolated cases of young kids having ‘accidents,’ once they’re trained, these would only be isolated cases.

3. Write their name

Before entering preschool, your child doesn’t have to know how to read or write yet. But they should at least know how to hold a pencil or a crayon. It is essential that your little one knows how to doodle on paper at least or be familiar with the terms draw, color, or paint.

But as they move on to kindergarten, they should already know how to write their names. Though reading is not that important, basic writing and identifying the letters of the alphabet are key to learning.

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4. Basic 123’s, or ABC’s

Many parents do not wait for the first day of kindergarten or school to teach their child very basic notions about writing, reading, or counting. Therefore, you should not expect it either, since kindergarten is more about fun than about learning.

Until then, teach your child to count up to 10 and recognize the numbers when he sees them in pictures or photographs. You can help him practice these skills through games in order to make learning more fun and interesting for him.

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5. To know how to use books

Your child doesn’t have to know how to read yet. And no one should expect a toddler to have this skill at 2 or 3 years old, in general. It’s at the age of four that a child begins to understand the basics of reading and writing. Children must know that books are meant for reading and writing. And your tot must know how these things are used before going to school. Trivial? Yes, but there are still a number of children who are fond of tearing books apart.

6. To listen carefully and focus

By kindergarten age, your child’s discipline must enable him to focus, to listen attentively, and to wait his turn during a conversation. It is important to work with children intellectually to stimulate their attention and concentration, as well as their behavioral ability. This way, they can learn the basic good manners they need in school life.

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7. To play in groups and share toys with other children

The ability of your child to share things with others or to play and cooperate with them depends on the social development of the little one. From an early age, he or she has to be exposed to large groups of people, and as he grows and develops, to be involved in group games.

Only through direct interaction with other children, your little one manages to learn the main social skills he needs to accommodate on the first day of kindergarten and beyond properly. Direct contact with your kid with other children allows learning good manners and important rules of behavior in society, which will be very useful later on.

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8. To dress/undress alone

At preschool age, the child has a better ability to undress than to dress, which is more migratory and involves fine motor skills that are slightly more developed. But even at 3, he is able to pull off a simple sweater, jacket, or pants with elastic and even wear a scarf, coat or blouse that does not require sophisticated closure.

9. To tell events and stories (on the side)

Teach your child to be a small orator before starting kindergarten. Although he will not be able to reproduce many details of some events, constantly encourage him to tell you what he has done in the park, to describe photos, and to give you small summaries of the stories you read daily. In this way, you will stimulate his memory, but also his speech and creativity, which are essential for school life.

10. To be independent

No matter how hard it will be to let your child experience pain, anxiety, and anger. But there are instances where you have to let your child learn how to deal with simple things that make them sad. As they grow older, they must learn how to be more independent and go through situations by themselves.

Allow your child to always try new things and feel the consequences of his actions so that he learns from mistakes. Let him become more autonomous and try to solve problems on his own. This way, he will not be dependent on you for anything and will do better in grades than children who stay at home and always depend on the “skirt” of their mother. These are our helpful tips on what kids should know on their first day of kindergarten.


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