August 29, 2019
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App Games for Autistic Children Speed Up Cognitive Development

Parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder often struggle to find the best way to help their kids learn. Every autistic child requires a completely personalized approach, and therapists working with them often use specially developed autism learning games to make a connection and facilitate learning.

Those autism games are sometimes the only thing that actually moves the needle, helping children to catch up to their peers. And, once the results start showing, continuing to use them as a learning crutch is crucial.

As Ole Ivar Lovaas, a renowned autism expert, once said:

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way your child can learn.”

In addition to learning differently, autistic children also have difficulties with social interactions, both nonverbal and verbal communication, and repetitive, often hard-to-understand behaviors. This additionally complicates their learning process. As a parent, you can only do so much – work with them consistently, find out how they learn and follow their rhythm, and be patient.

Technology can really supercharge your child’s early development. Apps such as Zoolingo have built-in games for autistic children, games that even therapists use in their work with kids. The great thing about an educational app with autism games is that learning never stops – your child will use them in therapy, but you can keep on practicing all the time; at home, outside, or in the classroom. App time can be easily incorporated into your child’s daily routine, becoming something that they look forward to.

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Autism & Video Games – Autistic Children React Well To New Technologies

Parents who turned to autism learning games in an effort to facilitate their child’s learning repeatedly report success – Finley’s mom Shayla couldn’t be happier with the results she’s seeing with her daughter. Finely is an autistic preschooler who now makes her own sandwiches, takes and edits photos with an iPad, and posts instructional videos on YouTube.

Still, it’s important to strike some sort of a balance here. Using autism learning games just to calm an unruly toddler isn’t something you should consider. If your child is getting screen time, that time should be constructive. It should also be an opportunity for the both of you to bond and learn together. Zoolingo is all about the benefits autistic children are reaping once they start playing – the app is educational and challenging, but it’s not a pacifier.


How you use autism learning games will depend on the type of the disorder your child is affected by:

  • Autistic disorder (classic autism). Your child is likely to have language delays, trouble memorizing and repeating basic actions, communication challenges, and intellectual disability.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome. Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome have problems with social integration and will have unusual hobbies and interests. However, they don’t typically have any language problems or cognitive disabilities.
  • Pervasive developmental syndrome (atypical autism). Sometimes, kids will show some symptoms of autism, but not to a great extent. Usually, those symptoms are limited to poor communication skills and social integration.


Benefits of App Games for Autistic Children

Children with the classic autism diagnosis will benefit more from targeted autism learning games, which help them work through their specific issues. Those with Asperger’s or PDS will benefit from a wide array of games.

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Autism games are a great learning tool because they are:

  • Consistent and predictable. Although challenging, these games are structured. Your child knows that they will be presented with a problem, go through a process, and end up with a solution (recognizing a shape, learning a new word, counting to ten).
  • Have a limited social component. Kids with autism mostly prefer to play alone. Your goal as a parent should be to try and socialize them as much as possible without forcing anything. When they need to spend some alone time, they can use Zoolingo’s autism games and learn new things in the process. That said, games such as nursing rhymes and counting can be used in groups, providing a fun family activity that your child can join in on.
  • Easy for kids to control. Control is a big part of autistic child’s everyday life. When they feel it slipping away, they will usually throw a tantrum. With autism games, they control the pace of the game – they can tailor their experiences and easily stay on top of every in-game situation.
  • Visually appealing. Autistic children love strong visual elements. They find various shapes and vivid colors very exciting, and that makes it easy for them to become totally immersed in the game.


4 App Games for Autistic Children Speed Up Cognitive Development Baby Learning Games Games for Toddlers

Zoolingo To The Rescue – How Our Autism Learning Games Can Help Your Child’s Development

Here at Zoolingo, we take great pride in the fact that a lot of special care educators use our games to teach kids with autism. We put a lot of time and effort into developing materials that are both educational and fun (read all about our development process right here), taking into account all the challenges autistic kids and their carers face on an everyday basis.

Here are some of those autism learning games and how they can benefit your child’s early development:

  • Nursery rhymes. A fun group activity that emphasizes socialization and group play. It can help your kid practice eye contact and fine motor skills since every song has a strong focus on repeating specific movements and singing along.
  • Puzzles. Our puzzle games are extremely engaging and feature fun, vocabulary-enhancing animal visuals. They’re also a great way to practice pattern recognition and problem-solving skills.
  • Pop the balloons. Several of our games have a ‘pop the balloon’ feature. Numbers and letters appear on the screen in balloons. And your child needs to pop the ones the app is asking for. It is great for teaching patterns and practicing problem-solving skills.
  • Emotion vocabulary. Seeing how autistic children often have difficulties expressing their feelings or recognizing them in others. We have developed a specific autism game that can be of great help in that area. Your child can now learn emotions and facial expressions in a controlled environment and at their own pace.
  • Shapes. Our shape-learning games help with pattern recognition. And are also useful for practicing hand-eye coordination, vocabulary, and math skills.


Your autistic child might be a handful at times. But they will let you know how they learn new things. You just need to pay attention to their moods and idiosyncrasies.

Use Zoolingo’s autism learning games to aid them in their development. Furthermore, it helps them to practice things that they have a hard time grasping. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching their progress – learning a new word, singing a song, or recognizing a shape. That’s when you know that all your hard work is indeed paying off!

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