September 23, 2019
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Parenting Toddlers with Less Frustration

Parenting is hard work, but toddler parenting is a whole different story. Behind a messy, loud house filled with toys and clutter is a frustrated mother of a toddler. Parenting toddlers with less frustration can be a little tricky, especially if you’re tired from a whole days’ work. You can’t help but feel old compared to your child’s seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm. You might as well take some of these tips to help you get through toddler years with less frustration and lessen the use of time out chairs.

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Parenting Toddlers Minus the Stress

  • Use curiosity to your advantage. Children ages 1 to 4 years old are naturally curious, take advantage of this feature to keep a child busy or as a distraction to attend to other chores. Of course, never disregard supervision, keep an eye on him while both of you are busy.
  •  Release the kid in you. Being silly with your kid helps in parent-child bonding and creates memories that are crucial to a child’s development. Playing also encourages your child to be at their most creative state, thus making instructions easy to understand and remember.
  • Always be safe. It is also important to set boundaries to keep your child safe. Never sugarcoat the danger that lies ahead to impose a healthy sense of fear. Be on the lookout for anything that may pose a threat to your child’s safety. After all, it’s part of our duty as parents to protect our children from harm.

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  • Worth the mess. Before you start punishing your child with timeout chairs, because of a muddy shirt or a rainbow drawn on the wall, try to appreciate your child’s learning experiences incorporated with the dirt. You can brush or wash the dirt away, but you can never wipe away a smile. Every milestone is worth the mess. When parenting toddlers, you should let your child be an explorer. As long as they are not in danger, let them make a mess.
  • Praise good behavior. Our kids love attention. The more your praise your child, the more they will repeat that good deed in hopes of receiving a positive reaction from you. Never miss out even the smallest of details

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  • Encourage independence. Teach your kid to be independent by letting him do some small tasks like brushing his teeth or doing simple errands like picking up toys after playing. It lessens your chores and also helps in your child’s development, win-win.
  • Stick to a schedule. Follow a daily timeline and see how your child remembers what activities should happen next. This doesn’t just save you from frustration but also saves your energy arguing with your kid because he already anticipates following the schedule.

One of the reasons why we easily get frustrated is that we often think our kids easily understand what we want them to do. Kids are wired to play and make a mess as they learn and knowing that is the first step to lessen the stress. So, enjoy these things while it lasts. You may find it difficult to agree with us. But, amidst all the shouting and stomping of feet, your child’s toddler years are one of the things you’ll surely miss.

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