4 Great Single Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Preschoolers

It may seem long until a new school year begins. But if this year you are going to take your child to kindergarten for the first time, it would be good to start the preparations early. Single parenting can be difficult, but you don’t have to stress yourself with it. We will provide you with single parenting tips and advice that you can follow as to boast positive discipline and have an incredible relationship with your child:

Three Awesome Single Parenting Tips You Need To Know

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Train their independence

Although 3-4-year-olds need the full help of their parents, they should be trained towards independence. At kindergarten, they have to deal with themselves in many situations: dressed, undressed, shooed, going to the bathroom, washing hands, teeth, wiping their nose, etc.

Educators recommend parents not to jump right in to help their children, but to use phrases like “Can I help you or can you do it yourself?!”. This will increase children’s self-esteem.

If the little one makes his bed or if he dresses completely messy based on your taste, do not try to “straighten” what he did. He will notice and will be very disappointed. Even if something is wrong, who attains perfection?! Let your child experiment, and he will get better and better.

Simple tasks such as watering a flower, removing laundry from the washing machine, sorting socks are meant to increase their self-confidence and develop their independence. They will feel increasingly capable of their strengths and will consider themselves members with full responsibilities within the family.
Besides, they will do great when they are alone in kindergarten.

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Train their cooperation

Have you ever wondered how educators manage to make children cooperate? And it takes you more than a good couple minutes, if not hours, to convince your child to fulfill a task without complaining? Do you want to succeed? Here are some other single parenting tips.

Single Parenting Tip Praises

Praise is the key, especially when reluctant. Children repeat a certain behavior for the sake of receiving attention. The little ones cooperate in kindergarten or school because they know exactly what is expected of them. Following the same daily routine, they quickly learn what to do without stumbling.

Playing Games

When the child refuses to fulfill a task, it can turn into a play. Children react very well to games and learn much easier by playing.


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Mind Setting

Another method that pays off in kindergarten is to warn children about what is coming. In 10 minutes, we will start to do this. There are 5 more minutes remaining until we start to do that. When we do that, you have to listen to me. It is a form of mind-setting that allows your child to focus.

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Alternative choices

Offering alternatives and consequences is another method that can make children react better. After eating at the table, you will receive dessert. You can eat on the couch, but you will not receive dessert. When he finds out that option B is not as good, he will happily choose option A.

If statements

Avoid introducing alternatives with “if.” An “if” statement gives them an option to follow or not to follow. It also gives them the idea of what happens if they follow or not. And seeing if they can tolerate the punishment, they will opt for the if statement.

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Train their discipline

When a child behaves inappropriately, the consequences should be borne immediately, and not left for “when we get home.” Until then, the child will forget what he did, and the explanations will be superfluous. Even the postponement of the visit to the zoo on Saturday because Tuesday made a crack is not indicated.
Also, when he has broken something, have him correct the mistake. If he has colored the walls, give him a cloth to remove. If he has demolished his brother’s castle of cubes, have him rebuild.

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Train separations

Separation anxiety is one of the problems faced not only by parents but also by educators. The training should start early, with the gradual increase of the interval in which the child is without parents. If you still have problems, you can leave the child a photo, a kiss on a napkin, a cut heart to carry in his pocket. This will also have something tangible that reminds them of their parents and makes them feel less anxious.

These are the essential tips that you need to keep in mind when preparing a child for kindergarten, especially as a single parent. We know it will be difficult, but as some people say, “nothing in life is easy.” We wish you the best of luck and may your child do as excellent as you hope!

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