“Will never get my iPad back”

This app not only helped my kid learn his ABCs and numbers, it also helps him focus! He’s a very alive three-year old who is interested in everything but drops everything equally fast. Not this game though – I can hardly get my iPad back until it’s completely dead, and then only to charge it.

Matt Towery, North Carolina

“Our baby will soon speak Spanish”

I was a bit afraid of having my four-year old granddaughter playing too much phone games, so I made it a habit of playing with her for half an hour every day. After a few days, she surprised me by counting to five in Spanish! None of us speak Spanish at home and she seems to enjoy it, so we now learn and play with Zoolingo in the mornings and in the evenings. We’re even thinking about preschool Spanish classes for her!

Ann Loxley, Liverpool

“We play it on three different devices”

Simple, entertaining, and educational – an app for kids that has it all! Instead of sitting in front of cartoons all day, my twins are now learning numbers in French and Spanish (we mastered German numbers together). They don’t see it like learning but it sure does rub off on them! Best of all, they can both use the app on different devices at the same time, and even I can join in on my phone when we’re spending quality time together!

Donna, Brisbane

“Zoolingo is now a part of our morning routine”

My son is autistic and puts hours and hours into the games on this app. Honestly, I’d much rather have him learning than staring at the TV or the wall. He lets us participate in the ABC’s (but sings his nursery rhymes alone, always) and our mornings are soooo much easier now that Zoolingo is a part of our ‘getting out of bed’ routine.

Derek Jobs

“The best long flight thanks to this kid’s app”

A perfect companion to an 8-hour flight with a 3.5 year old. My son didn’t blink for three hours, at which point the battery on my phone gave out. Luckily, he was so exhausted by then that he slept through the rest of the flight. We don’t travel that much but I no longer dread getting onto a plane with him.

Beatrice, Johannesburg

“Finally, 30 minutes of peace”

I often babysit my 6 year old sister and we practice Spanish together. She usually asks a ton of questions but now I can tell her to learn some vocab words and come in 30 minutes so I can quiz her. Zoolingo buys me at least an hour every day when I can do what I want, finally!

A Grateful Big Sis, Canada

“Perfect for a classroom full of kids”

I work as an assistant in a preschool attended by a lot of kids with special needs such as ADHD or autism. Even with three adults in the room, it’s very difficult to be mindful of everyone’s needs. Zoolingo helps us pacify restless kids for a while and, at the same time, gives them an opportunity to practice their cognitive skills. Most of them enjoy number games but we also have a lot of fun with group coloring competitions.

Ann Wei, educator, Singapore

“A perfect app for a preschool English teacher”

I love using Zoolingo with toddlers in my class and I encourage their parents to practice with them at home, too. Most of them are 5 years old but already have good command of numbers and a decent vocabulary because practicing is fun, easy, and they want to do it.

Ida Tsuneo, educator, Japan