September 17, 2019
shutterstock_137887073 10 Amazing Ways on How to Handle Toddlers Tantrums Positive Parenting Solutions

10 Amazing Ways on How to Handle Toddlers Tantrums

A toddler’s tantrum can be nasty and embarrassing, especially if it occurs in public, but a tantrum is actually a fact of childhood. Tantrums are mostly due to underdeveloped coping skills of a child. A normal tantrum may take 5 minutes or less, but frequent 30-minute fits may signal extreme toddlers tantrums. It is crucial for a parent to notice these symptoms to know when to worry and ask for professional help. Many factors trigger an outburst, but you can avoid embarrassment by taking these ten ways on how to handle a toddler throwing a fit.

  • Prevention is better than cure

It is essential to see the relevant pattern that triggers a child’s tantrum. If you noticed that hunger urges a fit then plan and bring something to chew on to keep him satisfied.

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  • Use time-outs wisely

Never punish a child for throwing a fit. Punishing also imposes attention, giving them attention urges the idea of another tantrum. Save time outs for extreme behavior. The more often you use it, the less effective it will be.

  • Never give in to toddlers tantrums

Giving in gives the child the idea that tantrum works, making the child think of repeating the outburst every time things don’t go his way.

  • Understand to be understood

Most toddlers and preschoolers still lack language and communication skills. We, as parents, must extend our patience to understand our kids and communicate to them what we are trying to say.

  • Give them space

Just like adults, kids also need time to learn coping skills by themselves. Give them space to adjust on their own.

  • Create a diversion

This technique requires a little creativity on our part as we must find creative ways to distract our young ones without giving in to their original request.

shutterstock_281011211-300x200 10 Amazing Ways on How to Handle Toddlers Tantrums Positive Parenting Solutions

  • The irresistible hug

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to change things and all it takes to make it better is a warm firm hug. When you’re child is getting overly sensitive and balling their eyes out, hug your child tightly and give them a nice reassurance. You’ll know this works if your little one won’t resist your hug. This tip work on adults too.

  • The poker-face

Showing your child that you are equally mad with his current attitude is like adding gas to flames. Be careful not to ignore or invalidate your children’s tantrum as this is equally frustrating for your kiddo.

  • Watch and learn

Carefully observe the specific scenarios that can lead to your child losing it like not getting what they want. There are times when you say no, they become submissive and listen. But there are instances where receiving a NO leads to an outburst. Once you identify them, it’s either you try to avoid these circumstances to repel a tantrum. Or, you find a way to quell these tantrums by exercising different ways of saying no.

  • Remember the magic words

Sometimes in between the conflict of the parent and the child, one vital message is lost. It is love, always remind your child that whatever happens your love for them never ceases.

Toddlers tantrums are perfectly normal, except if the child intends to hurt himself or others physically. But when your child experiences extreme tantrums more frequently, then it’s probably time you have your child assessed. Here, you’ll see if your little one needs more psychiatric attention. 


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