July 23, 2018
Mafooly_Zoolingo_iOS_US_ScreenshotMockupsVariety_180709_01 Welcome To Zoolingo - Learn More About How We Develop the Best Learning Games for Kids Baby Learning Games Educational Apps for Toddler Games for Toddlers

Welcome To Zoolingo – Learn More About How We Develop the Best Learning Games for Kids

Dear parents, grandparents, educators, and everyone else, we’d like to welcome you to Zoolingo’s new website and brand new blog pages – the place where educational games for kids live!

Those of you who are familiar with Zoolingo will need no special introduction to what we do and where our passions lie. Still, our first-timers might, so here it goes – Zoolingo is an established and highly regarded educational app for toddlers and preschoolers, featuring more than 1,000 different learning games for kids, most of which are available in 16 languages.

We hope you will use this site to learn more about the app and get inspired, finding new ways to use it to supercharge your child’s early development. That’s why we’ve created separate pages for different game categories, from nursery rhymes and animals and puzzles to numbers and shapes.

Our large team of dedicated experts spends countless hours every week in order to deliver the best app learning experience your money can buy. That’s why Zoolingo already has more than 3 million downloads! If you want to know what our customers – mostly parents and Pre-K educators – are saying about the app, visit our testimonials page right here.

We take our obligation to your children seriously. That’s why adding new learning games for kids is such a long and laborious process (involving a lot of thinking and even more coffee). To learn more about it, read on!

The Making of Zoolingo’s Educational Games for Toddlers

Mafooly_Zoolingo_iOS_US_ScreenshotMockupsVariety_180709_01 Welcome To Zoolingo - Learn More About How We Develop the Best Learning Games for Kids Baby Learning Games Educational Apps for Toddler Games for Toddlers

If we take language variations into consideration, Zoolingo has over a 1000 learning games for kids. Thousands of hours of teamwork went into making these games – the following will give you a better understanding of the lengths we go to in order to ensure your child has the best possible learning experience.


Game designers fire up their little grey cells, coming up with different game ideas. After hours and hours of thinking (which just looks like sitting around but it isn’t) and drinking copious amounts of coffee, the rough sketches of our next kids’ learning games emerge.


Since we want to make sure that everything we add to the app is beneficial, we retain a number of early childhood development specialists. They will go through the rough games ideas and jot down their suggestions: is a particular game too advanced for its target group, which elements need to be incorporated and which need to be taken out, what can we do to ensure that a game complements content that’s already available, and so on.

Sometimes, an idea will be pushed to the next stage pretty fast. Other times, it will go back to the drawing board. And, there are times when certain educational games for kids we worked hard at developing get completely axed by the consultants, much to the dismay of our game designers, who have to start all over again (we stock up on coffee, just in case).


In the next phase, we bring in our team of expert graphic designers, sound creators, and animators. They take our rough ideas and polish them up, creating engaging visual elements that are sure to capture the imagination of kids (and parents).


It takes a lot of work to incorporate the graphics into our actual app. That’s where our dedicated programmers come in. Our game designers and artists are also involved in the process, lending a helping hand, but it’s the programmers who do the heavy lifting (again, lots and lots of coffee is involved in the process, along with complicated strings of code most of us in the office don’t even pretend to understand).


OK, we’ll let you in on a secret – the first testing round consists of the whole team (except our customer representative, bless her heart) taking the afternoon off and diving into the additions. We propose changes and tweaks, and only when we’re completely satisfied that we have an excellent learning game for kids do we actually greenlight the move to the next phase.


When we have a couple of new additions all lined up, we put together a focus group consisting of our target demographics – mostly kids aged 2 – 7, with a few parents and educators thrown into the mix. We collect their suggestions and send those back to our designers, artists, and programmers. Most of the time, kids will catch something that we adults didn’t even pay attention to, so their feedback is immensely valuable to us.


This process can last for months (from ideation to release), but we’re always super happy when we get to add new learning games for toddlers to our app. Of course, we monitor the feedback from parents and educators, and sometimes even tweak things a bit after the release, just to ensure that every game is as engaging and as fun as it can be.

Why We Created This Awesome Zoolingo Website

Mafooly_Zoolingo_iOS_US_ScreenshotMockupsVariety_180709_03 Welcome To Zoolingo - Learn More About How We Develop the Best Learning Games for Kids Baby Learning Games Educational Apps for Toddler Games for Toddlers

Essentially, Zoolingo website is a gift to our ever-growing community of parents and educators. App learning has a lot of advantages, and we want as many people as possible to know about them. Also, there are many things we would love to incorporate into Zoolingo but can’t – things like current early development research, parenting tips, and more. Our blog pages will give us an opportunity to connect with you in a more meaningful way by providing:

  • Access and descriptions of all the currently available games in the app – an opportunity for parents and educators to get a real feel for what Zoolingo has to offer.
  • Regular updates on new features and learning games for toddlers that we’re planning to add – we love getting suggestions so don’t be shy to submit yours!
  • Sharing relevant new research in the space of early development, as well as tips ranging from parenting and fun activities for toddlers to teaching your child a second language with a bit of help from us here at Zoolingo.

If you have any tips, questions, suggestions, or inquiries regarding bulk license purchases, please contact us by filling out a short form on our contact page. We welcome your input and look forward to our talks here on the blog. To start things off, we’ll leave you with this post about the best time to start teaching your kid a second language – comment to let us know if you started doing it on time!

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